About us

Jmounts started when I got a GoPro-max and realized there weren’t any good linemount solutions for it.
I have been kite surfing for a while and have always been interested in capturing the action in as many ways as possible, a line-mount adds such a nice perspective and gets the best shots of the rider.

The most important aspects of the mounts for me are ease of use and durability.
The mount fits on any lines without having to disconnect them from the kite.
One of the slots is slightly bend which keeps the mount in place, while the other slot lets the safety line move freely.
The plastic used to print the mounts is PETG, this is stronger and more durable than the standard 3d printing plastic(PLA).
During the designing process there have been many tweaks to increase the overall strength of the mounts.

I currently run Jmounts on my own with some help from friends. My goal is to keep Jmounts as personal as possible.
Every mount is printed as soon as its ordered and will need some preparation done by hand before its send out from the Netherlands.

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