Q: How strong is the mount?
A: The mount is strong enough to survive regular use. However when mounted incorrectly or with heavy crashes it could still break.

Q: How is it made?
A: The mounts are 3D printed with PETG (this is stronger plastic than the standard PLA)

Q: Does jmounts issue refunds?
A: All the information about refunds and returns can be found here.

Q: How do I install the mount in my lines?
A: Instructions can be found here or find a video at https://youtu.be/_A8iYKcGYBw

Q: Does it damage my lines?
A: No it does not damage your lines, I have tested the mounts alot and have not found any damage to my lines.

Q: Does it affect my kite?
A: If you have a high split you could notice a little bit more slack in your lines.

Q: Which camera’s fit?
A: Any GoPro HERO style camera will fit the Hero-Line (including GoPro Floaty)

Q: What are the delivery times?
A: Every mount is printed to order, this won’t take any longer than a week, after this the delivery times depend on your country. (the mounts are shipped from the netherlands.)

Q: Why is the mount orange?
A:  The mount is orange so it can be easily found when lost.

Q: Who runs Jmounts?
A: I run jmounts on my own, you can read a little bit more of my backstory here or find my personal instagram account at @jeroenblonk01