About Jmounts and me

Jmounts started when my friend got a GoPro-max and realized there weren’t any good linemount solutions for it.

He asked me if I could print a linemount for him with my (hobby) 3D printer. Even before I finished the design there were already 3 other people intrested. That’s when I realised that there are alot more kiters looking for the same thing, so I set up this website.

Later more riders asked me to make them taller board handles.
So I worked on them too.

During the designing process there have been many tweaks to increase the overall strength of the mounts and handles. 3D printing is great for prototyping, but to get a strong final product requires alot of development.

I currently run Jmounts on my own (next to my other full-time job) with some help from friends. My goal is to keep Jmounts as personal as possible. Every mount and handle is printed as soon as its ordered and will need some preparation done by hand before its send out from the Netherlands.

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Or follow me personally @jeroenblonk01.