How are the products made?

Everything is 3D printed with PETG (this is stronger plastic than the standard PLA) and doesnt get affected bu UV light or saltwalter.

Does jmounts issue refunds?

All the information about refunds and returns can be found here.

What are the delivery times?

Everything is printed to order, this won’t take any longer than a week, after this the delivery times depend on your country. (the mounts are shipped from the netherlands.)

Do the board hande or blocks come with the right screws?

Yes, Both the board handle and blocks come with the correct screws. they also come with a few spacers, in case the length is slighty off.The screws are M5.

How do I install the linemount in my lines?

You can find the instructions here.
Or watch the instructional video on youtube

Does the linemount damage my lines?

No it does not damage your lines, I have tested the mounts alot and have not found any damage to my lines.

Does the linemount affect my kite?

If you have a high split you could notice a little bit more slack in your lines.

Which camera’s fit in the linemount?

Any GoPro HERO style camera will fit the Hero-Line (including GoPro Floaty)

Who runs Jmounts?

I run jmounts on my own, you can read a little bit more of my backstory here or find my personal instagram account at @jeroenblonk01