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Kiteboard Handle

Kiteboard Handle

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The Orange boardhandle (also available in black).
This is a taller board handle than usual.

It’s 8.5cm high, this makes it easier to do board-offs but also just grabbing and handleing the board during waterstarts is alot easier.

Not all boards are the same, the screw distance can differ between 15cm and 21.5cm.

Please make sure to measure your distance properly before ordering, measure from one screwhole center to the other center.

The handle comes with the necessary screws, they are M6 and will fit most boards.

This list might help with the screw distance, but please measure the distance yourself, this list is not a guarantee

  • Slingshot 16cm
  • North 17cm
  • Cabrinha 17cm
  • Duotone 18cm
  • Vantage 18cm
  • Lieuwe 18cm
  • Harlem 20cm
  • Reedin 20cm
  • Ozone 20cm
  • Carved 20cm
  • Core 20.5cm
  • F-one 20.5cm
  • Brunotti 21cm
  • Naish 21,5cm
  • Nobile 21,5cm
  • RRD 21,5cm
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